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Missing our homes…(sad pet face here)

Missing our homes…(sad pet face here)

By Amanda Taylor

“Lost Dog Awareness” day was April 23rd. Because of spring hormones, nice weather and more outdoor activities, now is a great time to talk about microchipping, ID tags, and who to contact if you have lost or found a pet.

First: Is your pet microchipped? YES? That’s great. Now is that microchip registered? Did you update the information when you moved? Sorry to ask so many questions but there’s more… Most microchip registration includes height and weight information. If your pet was microchipped as a puppy this may need an update if it has been a few years. Also, with online registrations, if there is a picture, they can be updated as well.

Second: ID tags…. If you are thinking about ID tags, you may question what information to put on them. As small as they are, there is only so much room. The more information on the tag, the smaller the print gets. 1: Cell phone numbers are the best information to put on a tag. This gives the finder a way to call you directly to let you know they have found your pet (this is especially important if you travel with a pet.) 2: Your pet’s name: Your pet and the person who found him/her may be more comfortable with each other until you are reached if they have this minor introduction. 3: Address; if your pet goes to visit the neighbors two blocks over, they can bring him right home!

Much like Microchips, it is important to keep your pets contact information up to date. ID tags can be as simple as adding your cell phone number to the back of your pets rabies tag when the receive one.

Third: Who to call… When a pet is lost or found, undoubtedly worry and sadness are experienced. Where did my baby go? Even if your pet is tagged, it is a good idea to check with your vet, the local shelter, social media like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, as well as law enforcement and city hall. These are the places most people consult when a pet is found as well. They may be looking for you while you are looking for them.

Admittedly, we receive “found” calls frequently. Most calls we receive because our phone number is on the front of the rabies tag. This works because we are able to track tag numbers. We are always happy to see a pet make it back home! Again, to aide and expedite a pets safe return an owners phone number can be added to the back that tag.

If you are interested in a separate ID tag, engraving on a rabies tag, or having your pet microchipped, be sure to ask when scheduling your next veterinary appointment. In most cases a tag can be engraved during your visit and will be ready for your pet to wear home.

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