We are the RBVS staff -


Kathy Monfort, BS Agriculture

Business Manager

joined RBVS when it was just a twinkle in Doc's eye

Kathy Monfort serves as Red Barn Veterinary Service LLC business manager, IT person, HR person, CFO person and Inventory Control person . She is also known as "Mrs. Darrell Monfort" ;>) Kathy is a 1973 graduate of Kansas State University College of Agriculture. She has been involved in veterinary medicine since her college graduation. She does keep trying to retire...unsucessfully.


Teri Cox

Office Manager

joined RBVS June 2015

Teri Cox is the face you see at the front desk and beyond. She has stepped up and gotten her arms around a huge job. Teri has attended K-State, Flint Hills Technical College and Crums Beauty College. Teri says that she is not from the local area but has discovered that she is a true "country girl" as long as it isn’t muddy.  Teri is a busy mom, "Meme" of Brayson and wife of Randall Storrer. Teri loves hanging out with her “little monkey” Brayson and trail riding on her Mammoth Donkey (15 hands) named "Lightening". Teri has many furry friends, but her heart will always belongs to Stryker, her black Lab.

amanda and molly 1.jpg

Amanda Taylor

Large Animal Secretary and Specialist

joined RBVS Dec 2008

Amanda Taylor is the Large Animal Secretary, Large Animal inventory specialist, on-site IT person and Dr. Monfort's office professional, as well as assisting Dr. Monfort at the Eureka Livestock Sale and Anderson County Livestock Sale every week. As Amanda's degree from Michigan State University (2006) in Beef Management would indicate, she loves animals, especially cattle, and can frequently be found checking on her "babies" in the pasture, farming, and of course, she is not often with out her trusty sidekick, Molly the Labrador.


Veronnica Cumplido

Registered Veterinary Technician

joined RBVS Sept 2009

Veronnica Cumplido is a strong addition to the Red Barn Veterinary Service staff. Veronnica's degree and certification in Veterinary Technology allows her to assist the veterinarians,  as needed, and perform basic exams and dental procedures under the doctors supervision. Veronnica is also our laboratory specialist. Travel, trail riding, horses and Dobermans, especially Fancy, are Veronnica's special interests.


Leon LaGalle

Large Animal Assistant

joined RBVS Sept 2017 

Leon LaGalle brings a lifetime of practical experience in cattle, horses, dairy, sheep, and hogs to the RBVS large animal barn. Many in Allen County will remember Leon and his wife, Diane, and their very successful children cleaning up blue ribbons at the county fair. Leon and Diane now market fine show cattle from their farm in northern Allen county.


Laura Boone

Animal Assistant & Customer Service Rep

joined RBVS Aug 2019

Laura Boone is a real go-getter at RBVS. Laura is a wife, mother and student at ACC, as well as working with us. Laura enjoys fishing with the kids, reading, bbq's with friends and family and working on the farm with her family. 

Callie A. Craft

Customer Service Representitive

joined RBVS June 2019

Callie has an Associates Degree and has worked as a substitute teacher in the local school systems. She brings a lot of patience and a sunny personality to the reception area at RBVS. She and her husband Jeremy have a beautiful 3 year old daughter. Callie has had animals her entire life and has "yet to meet one I didn't like".

Stefanie Anderson

Customer Service Representative

Joined RBVS Oct 2019

Stefanie comes to us from Texas via Garnett, KS.  A graduate of Anderson County High School, she moved to Iola in 2006 to start her family. She is the mom of two handsome boys and several "fur babies". Stefanie loves to bake and decorate cakes. She enjoys meeting new people and animals, making her a perfect fit for a RBVS front desk job.

Natalie DeGrado

Veterinary Assistant / Customer Service Representitive

joined RBVS May 2018

Natalie graduated Iola High School May 2019. She served as a student intern at RBVS through her senior year and then joined the RBVS staff as school has allowed. Natalie attends both Allen Community College and Kansas State University, as Covid-19 allows. Natalie enjoys spending time with friends, family and pets.

brody photo_edited.jpg

Brody Nemecek

Animal Assistant

joined RBVS May 2019

Brody Nemecek is a freshman at Butler Community College. Brody is livestock judging on the collegiate level with the Butler Community College team. He likes to spend time fishing and working on his showpig farm.


Keira and Meg Monfort

Animal Assistant

joined RBVS Sept 2016

Sometimes, when we say animal assistant, we mean it!