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You can be assured – we have a commitment to excellence when it comes to the level of care we provide

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Emergency care – A true emergency needs to be seen, regardless of day of the week or time of day. Call the office and let us help you determine if this is an emergency situation or an issue that can be treated during normal office hours.


Laser Therapy  Treatment – Research indicates that laser therapy is helpful in alleviating pain, chronic, acute and post-surgical. Laser therapy may be helpful in relieving inflammation and swelling. We are pleased to be able to offer this cutting edge therapy for pets.

Pain Management – Treating pain in animals is just the right thing to do. Let us help your pet.

General & Minor Surgery – Sterile surgery is done on a daily basis, under general anesthesia, with oxygen supplementation, and IV therapy as needed.

Use of a laser for surgery results in a more precise incision, minimal blood loss and less pain after surgery. Use of the laser, especially for surgeries where discomfort may be an issue, allows greater comfort for pets.


In-House  Lab Services – The majority of lab work needed for a complete medical exam can be done in our office within minutes. Pathology and serology tests are forwarded to accredited labs, with digital reports being returned within days.

Fully Stocked Pharmacy – We endeavor to maintain a fully-stocked pharmacy. You can obtain your pets prescriptions and parasite treatments before you leave the office. One-stop ease.


Radiology – Up-to-date digital x-rays make it possible for us to obtain a radiological study within minutes of your pet’s exam. The digital format makes it easy to email e-rays for examination by specialists and easy to attach the digital file to the patients file for later analysis and a complete medical record.


Large animal herd health work – Vaccination, processing, obstetrics, semen testing, necessary testing for sales and transport, as well as EIA certificates and Certificates of Veterinary Inspection, are just a few of the large animal services offered. All veterinarians at RBVS are USDA accredited.


Vaccinations – Because we live in this area, we know what vaccinations are indicated by conditions here. Let us craft a vaccination program for your pets and livestock.

Wellness Exams – Pre- and post-purchase exams, as well as general wellness exams for young and geriatric animals. 


Dental Care – Animals have teeth and, like humans, can develop an uncomfortable, infected, toxic oral cavity. Oral and dental disease can proceed into life-threatening illness. Dental care can be a lifesaver.


When your animal is ill, injured or just "not-quite-right" we are a fully equipped, experienced and well-trained veterinary practice. We look forward providing medical care for you animal in a caring, comfortable environment.

Nutritional Counseling – Many medical conditions can be treated by the use of specialized diets, nutriceuticals and vitamins. We try to maintain an wide inventory of Hill’s diet products, including the new Healthy Advantage and prescription Diets especially for health and medical conditions. We also believe that the basis of good health is good nutrition. Let us help you get the best value for your pet food dollar.


Red Barn Veterinary Service LLC is pleased to be able to offer a new service to any client that has had their animal seen in the office in the last year. Dr. Belinda Garten is offering large animal, with a current VCPR, and small animal telemed appointments for those ask-the-vet questions that may not need an in-office visit. With the current pandemic situation, you may want to discuss unusual signs you are seeing in your animal, if a health issue needs to be addressed immediately or can wait a while, or if a change in medication is advisable.  Dr. Garten has full access to RBVS medical records, on-site pharmacy and on-line store for prescriptions, as well as payment and scheduling services.

To request a telemed visit call Red Barn Veterinary Service Office at 620-365-3964 and you will be scheduled. Pre-payment of $35 is required. If Dr. Garten recommends an in-person appointment, $17.50 off the telemed fee will be credited off the office exam fee.



UltraSound Services – Ultrasound imaging may be used for imaging soft tissue and pregnancies in pets and livestock.

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