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Doc Sez “Ready, Set, Start your Computer.”

The world advances and we, at Red Barn Veterinary Service, try to advance with it. Lab testing machinery, x-ray machines and computer stations are part of the everyday veterinary medical practice. Tooting our own horn, we want to announce/remind our clients that Red Barn Veterinary Service now has joined the future by opening an online store. If you find that a bag of dog food or cat litter is heavy to load and carry from the car to the porch, check our store. The ups delivery person will get it to your porch and all you have do is take it in the house. (just like the tv commercials). If you want a product that worked for you, but that we have discontinued because of shelf space in the office, check our store. (it probably ships free). If you need cattle vaccine next week when Doc is coming to work cattle, and we always order it in for you, check our store and have it delivered. While we have always tried to keep prices reasonable and enough inventory on hand, like most small businesses, money in the form of inventory stacked on shelves is money that is not available for wages, upkeep or new equipment. And if or when we do not have enough inventory or exactly what you want, people will step to their computers and log in to an online store. They get what they want but the money goes out of town and is paying wages for someone that you don’t know.

Red Barn Veterinary Service now has opened an online store. After checking and comparing prices online, (just like all of you do) we found that the three stores we have, MyVetStoreOnline, MyPharmStoreOnline, and MyEquineStoreOnline, are all very competitively priced, almost all items ship free and the inventory is impressive. And when, I say competitive, I was happily surprised that the convenience for the client could still be matched by amazingly good prices. (I know, I know, we DID it, but I am so happy with the results!!)

So, those of you, and there are more than a few I know, who like the convenience of shopping online and delivery to your doorstep, start your computer, get out your plastic card and shop a hometown business. Go to and click on the icons in the middle of the page that say “MyVetStoreOnline” for small animal products, “MyPharmStoreOnline” for large animal products and “MyEquineStoreOnline” for horse products. I think that Red Barn Veterinary Service will be able to pleasantly surprise you.

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