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Doc Sez “We’re giving it a try…”

As many of you know, Red Barn Veterinary Service has been doing curbside care and pickup since March in an effort to protect the health of our staff and clientele. As cooler weather approaches, we have decided to open our lobby on a limited load basis in an effort to ease some of the burden on our staff and phone line…LOL! RBVS is aware that coronavirus-SARS2-2019 is still very active in our local area with an increasing rate of infection and, because of this, has invested in some physical plant changes in an effort to increase safety associated with in-person visits. The World Health Organization indicates that there is strong evidence that the primary mode of “Coronavirus” transmission is through airborne droplets from an infected persons conversation, coughs and sneezes. Red Barn Veterinary Service has invested in HVAC in-duct appliances that “disinfect” the air using UV light, oxygenation and ionization. This should remove 99% of particulates, microbials, and gases from the air. It also removes pollen, mold spores, dander, dust, MRSA, e-coli, and Norwalk virus. We have also placed individual hepa filters in each exam room in an effort to ensure that air is circulated and cleaned often. Windows will be open as much as weather permits to lower pathogen concentrations inside the building.

We will limit the number of persons inside the office. Clients with pets (one human per patient) will be escorted to an exam room on arrival. Waiting in the lobby will be limited to one person per bench and we will work hard to minimize that waiting period. If you have a medication or food pickup you will proceed to the front desk for pickup. If you open the door and see more that 2 people waiting (socially distanced) at the front desk, please wait outside until one person leaves.

If you would be more comfortable having curbside pickup and delivery of pets or products, give us a phone call just as we have done for the past 6 months. Our goal is to maintain the health and safety of our clients and staff. Masks will be worn anytime you are inside of the building. This is non-negotiable. You may be asked about your general health and your temperature may be taken. We are practicing what we preach and can assure you that all staff at RBVS records their body temperature twice daily. We want to take this big step to make everyone’s veterinary visit a little more normal, while remaining safe. Please wear your mask and “smile with your eyes”.

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