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Fall is just around the corner and, with it, cooler temperatures. With cooler temps, and, in theory, fewer insects, many pet owners elect to stop giving their pets heartworm and flea and tick medications throughout the fall and winter seasons. It is true that our fleas, ticks, and mosquitos thrive in warmer, more humid weather. However, they can still survive and cause a lot of havoc at lower temps and humidity as well. It also only takes a few days of warmer weather in the middle of the winter to get another hatch of fleas and ticks. With our unpredictable Kansas weather, that unfortunately means heartworms, fleas and ticks are a year-round concern for us. We even saw ticks on our patients in February this year.


We encourage you to keep your pet on heartworm preventative and flea and tick medication year-round. If your pet isn’t currently on preventative, it’s not too late to start and we will be happy to help get them started.


We know finances are tight for a lot of folks these days and in an effort to make it as affordable as possible, we encourage you to take advantage of the BIG savings opportunities we have available right now on our preventatives.


Merck is currently offering DOUBLE the SAVINGS on their products (Bravecto and Sentinel Spectum) from now until October 15th! This can equal up to $100 in savings per pet - $50 off 12 months of heartworm preventative and $50 off 12 months of flea and tick protection. This can be a significant savings and the best part is – its an instant rebate (ie – you don’t have to mail anything in!). 


Zoetis is also still offering great rewards on their products as well with up to $45 off a years worth of Simparica Trio (combination heartworm preventative and flea and tick control) and $15 off of Proheart 12.


If you are interested in getting your pet started on preventative or taking advantage of these savings, give us a call or stop by and see us!


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