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Big News, Guaranteed to Scare Pet Owners

A thoughtful response by an Illinois DVM about two of the news stories circulating today causing concern to pet owners...Then scroll on down and look at Chay and Benny for a Friday smile....

There have been some scary things in the news lately for pet owners. Including 2 stories of note:

1. Some grain free diets can cause taurine deficiency and therefore sometimes fatal heart conditions in dogs.

- Grain free diets are a recent fad and became popular mainly by misinformation and inaccurate extrapolation from some human diet/health trends

- Unless your pet has been prescribed a diet free of grain, it would be best to use a well balanced diet that does not restrict grain.

2. Some oral flea/tick preventatives can cause neurologic signs in dogs (the drugs listed include bravecto, simparica, nexgard, Credelio)

- Keep in mind that these side effects happen in a very small percentage of pets and that serious side effects from over-the-counter flea controls can actually be worse.

- Furthermore, serious diseases and conditions carried or caused by the FLEAS and TICKS that these products prevent are far more likely to cause pets (and their humans) problems than this class of flea controls themselves.

- We have seen very few (1 or 2 cases) which MIGHT have a link to these products.

- Our staff and doctors continue to use these products on their own personal pets as the benefits far outweigh the risks. Please talk to us with any concerns! We will keep you apprised of any major concerns!

One more thing to note: The viral post about euthanasia in pets is by far inaccurate (and most of not all of our veterinarian colleagues agree). It is an owner’s decision to either be present or not for their pets final moments. Some owners (or pets!!!) find it too stressful to stay while their pet is euthanized and in many cases, it actually seems better for the pet if their very upset owner is NOT present for this procedure.

I will post in the future about the TRUE challenges of veterinary medicine… but owners either staying or leaving for that final suffer-sparing procedure is NOT one of them. I’m concerned that this article may prevent some owners from euthanizing and may cause their aged, diseased or injured pets undue suffering.

Have a great weekend, and be discretionary with internet shock-stories!

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