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Don't Be a Thanksgiving Turkey!

See the dog. Doesn't the dog look happy? This dog is having a Thanksgiving treat. "Chewin' the old poultry bones..."

This is our view of the dog a few minutes, hours or days later (interior esophageal "scope" image) . This is not a happy dog. The pet parents are not happy. The vet is not happy. Poultry bones lodged in any area of the gastro-intestinal tract are a serious health emergency, frequently requiring surgery, and always painful for the pet. Please substitute a bite of pumpkin pie as a treat ( a bite, not a whole pie, is safe and yummy for your pets ) and be certain to dispose of the poultry bones in a covered outdoor trash recepticle.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving holiday and give thanks for all of your blessings, especially your pets.

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