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BOO!! Spooky Pet Situations!!

Halloween can be lots of fun and excitement for humans, but for many pets Halloween is the stuff of nightmares. Pets, while primarily scent oriented, can be frightened by changes in physical appearances. Please do not let your pet answer the door with you and if you are wearing a costume yourself, dress in stages and make certain the your pet can see you transform slowly so that they feel comfortable with your new look.

Pets, dogs especially, can find many, many yummy items in the average candy bowl or bag. Chocolate will cause, at a minimum, a digestive upset, often accompanied by fountain-like vomiting and diarrhea, and, at worst, organ failure. Another common candy bowl treat that can have disastrous consequences is sugar-free candy and gum, especially, but not only, those containing xylitol. Many sugar-free items can cause permanent damage to your dog, and with enough volume, death may result.

While your dog will usually enjoy a walk outdoors with you, Halloween is probably not the best time for Fido’s exercise. It’s dark, loud, with strange sights and sounds. Cars and children are traveling in an unusual manner. There may be flashlights in the eyes, strange sounds, and sudden movements that your dog will not understand. Even the most calm dog may react badly, including snapping and trying to run away. Keep Fido at home and comfortable.

Sadly enough, Halloween and superstition may incite some folks to unkind actions toward cats. Keep your cats inside. Enough said.

Halloween is an exciting holiday for kids and adults, but pretty difficult for pets to understand. How about letting Fido and Kitty take the evening off, lounging in peace and quiet with a few tasty pet-safe treats? They will thank you.

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