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Doc Sez "Yes, YOUR House..."

Dr. Monfort Says “Yes, In YOUR House ” - Part 3 So, we drop in again as Dr. Monfort continues to explain to Kathy the ins-and-outs of fleas and environmental control. (By now Cutest-dog-in-the-world has curled up in the corner and is taking a nap) “What” Kathy asks “if I find a bunch of fleas in my house?” “I really had no idea” she whispers. If the flea trap shows more a couple of fleas floating in the water each morning, it’s time to create a plan of attack. 1. Get advice from your vet and freshly treat your pets, all of them, on the same day as the massive cleanup occurs. 2. By now your yard should have been treated, but if not, treat the yard, under porches and crawl spaces. K-State Research and Extension should have the latest research based information on products to use. 3. If your vacuum cleaner has a bag, trash the bag outdoors before you turn the vacuum on again, and replace after each use until your flea problem is resolved. A vacuum cleaner bag has a perfect environment for flea development, and when they are ready for a blood meal and egg laying, they will chew out of the bag. As you turn the vacuum on, you will blow fleas back into your environment. If you have a dirt-cup type vacuum, (lucky you) just empty it after each use. 4. Move ALL of the furniture (and anything else on the floor), vacuum, carpet-clean, and spray a flea-killing insecticide on all floor surfaces, with special care for cracks and crevasses. Be sure to use an insecticide spray that includes an insect growth regulator (IGR) that will stop development of eggs, larvae and adults and has a residual effect that will last several weeks. Treat every room. Be sure to check for color fastness, then treat under cushions of furniture in the same way. What about “flea bombs”? They will only work in empty rooms. Bombs go off, bomb contents go up, come down, but do not go under. Several flea life-stages prefer dark, still areas (AKA UNDER), so when a bomb kills off the adults in the center of the room, it leaves a large portion of the flea population alive and ready to continue development. If you have a massive flea population, you may have to repeat this routine, but, while a lot of work in one day, it will take less money and time in the long run to follow this plan. Be certain to treat outdoor and indoor pets, year around for fleas to control flea populations outdoors and indoors.

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