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Red Barn Veterinary Service

1520 1300 Street

Iola, KS 66749

Phone: (620) 365-3964

Fax: (620) 365-8092

Email Us - rbvs@redbarnvet.com

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Our Hours

Mon-Fri:          8:00am - 12 pm noon

                          1:00pm - 5:30pm

Sat:                   8:00am - 12:00pm

Sun:                  Closed

After Hours Emergencies: call (620) 365-3964 and follow the recorded instructions. An automated forwarding system will relay your message to the on-duty veterinarian.

TeleMed is here!!


Red Barn Veterinary Service LLC is pleased to be able to offer a new service to any client that has had their animal seen in the office in the last year. Dr. Belinda Garten is offering large animal, with a current VCPR, and small animal telemed appointments for those ask-the-vet questions that may not need an in-office visit. With the current pandemic situation, you may want to discuss unusual signs you are seeing in your animal, if a health issue needs to be addressed immediately or can wait a while, or if a change in medication is advisable.  Dr. Garten has full access to RBVS medical records, on-site pharmacy and on-line store for prescriptions, as well as payment and scheduling services.

To request a telemed visit call Red Barn Veterinary Service Office at 620-365-3964 and you will be scheduled. Pre-payment of $35 is required. If Dr. Garten recommends an in-person appointment, $17.50 off the telemed fee will be credited off the office exam fee.


Covid19 Policy

 RBVS is aware that coronavirus-SARS2-2019 is still very active in our local area with an increasing rate of infection and, because of this, has invested in some physical plant changes in an effort to increase safety associated with in-person visits. The World Health Organization indicates that there is strong evidence that the primary mode of “Coronavirus” transmission is through airborne droplets from an infected persons conversation, coughs and sneezes. Red Barn Veterinary Service has invested in HVAC in-duct appliances that “disinfect” the air using UV light, oxygenation and ionization. This should remove 99% of particulates, microbials, and gases from the air. It also removes pollen, mold spores, dander, dust, MRSA, e-coli, and Norwalk virus. We have also placed individual hepa filters in each exam room in an effort to ensure that air is circulated and cleaned often. Windows will be open as much as weather permits to lower pathogen concentrations inside the building.

We will limit the number of persons inside the office. Clients with pets (one human per patient) will be escorted to an exam room on arrival. Waiting in the lobby will be limited to one person per bench and we will work hard to minimize that waiting period. If you have a medication or food pickup you will proceed to the front desk for pickup. If you open the door and see more that 2 people waiting (socially distanced) at the front desk, please wait outside until one person leaves.

If you would be more comfortable having curbside pickup and delivery of pets or products, give us a phone call just as we have done for the past 6 months. Our goal is to maintain the health and safety of our clients and staff. Masks will be worn anytime you are inside of the building. This is non-negotiable. Please wear your mask and “smile with your eyes”.

Services Offered Include:

Large and small animal diagnosis and treatment, routine wellness care, large and small animal pharmacy, emergency care, in-house lab services, x-ray and orthopedic surgery, dental x-rays, care and surgery, ultra-sound services, general and minor surgery, telemed appointments, Hill's diets and cremation services.



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About Us

We have a mission --

Dr. Darrell Monfort, Dr. Leann Flowers, Dr. Belinda Garten, & Dr. Brande Beyer strive to provide “best-care” medical services for your pets and livestock. 

We have a goal --

Our entire staff's goal to to provide you and your animal the most compassionate, the most comfortable and the most optimal care that it is in our power to deliver.