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Red Barn Veterinary Service

1520 1300 Street

Iola, KS 66749

Phone: (620) 365-3964

Fax: (620) 365-8092

Email Us - rbvs@redbarnvet.com

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Our Hours

Mon-Fri: 8:00am - 5:30pm

Sat: 8:00am - 12:00pm

Sun: Closed

After Hours Emergencies: call (620) 365-3964 and follow the recorded instructions. An automated forwarding system will relay your message to the on-duty veterinarian.



About Covid19 and Red Barn Veterinary Service - This is an uncertain time right now with the Covid19 (or coronavirus) impacting many things, but animals will continue to need care and we plan to be here to take care of them. Red Barn Veterinary Service will remain open until we are told that we cannot. However, we want to be responsible and take precautions to keep our clients, their families, our staff and their families safe. For the time being, we would ask that you call the office rather than just stop in. We will be trying to allow plenty of time for cleaning and disinfecting between clients and plenty of space between people who are waiting in the reception area. If you would like, or especially if you yourself are sick, call the office on your cell phone when you arrive in the parking lot and someone will come and fetch your pet, while you wait in the safety of your car. Please delegate one adult to bring your animal to the office to minimize possible crowding in the exam room. Expect to see our staff wearing masks and gloves more often as the next few weeks go by. We plan to maintain a normal schedule and office hours.

The American Veterinary Medical Association is following Covid19 closely after reports that some dogs have shown a weak positive result to testing. Covid19 does not appear to be zoonotic (or pass from dogs to humans). It also does not seem to cause any signs of illness in dogs. Therefore, hug your pets often and relieve your stress. While you and your family stay close to home, they can provide companionship and lots of fun.

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About Us

We have a mission --

Dr. Darrell Monfort, Dr. Leann Flowers, Dr. Belinda Garten, & Dr. Brande Beyer strive to provide “best-care” medical services for your pets and livestock. 

We have a goal --

Our entire staff's goal to to provide you and your animal the most compassionate, the most comfortable and the most optimal care that it is in our power to deliver.